Choose the correct dress for your occasions

You can be whatever you want using the correct dress. I think I have about 100 dresses. I still think little (Carol you have problem? Haha!), but it is an obsession that I love. Let me give you an example: there are people who loves photography, like fishing, like movie and have all the gear possible and unimaginable to suit your taste. Yes, I like to dress! Simple as that!

I have selected for you some Cocktail Dresses that I used a few months ago, all are mine. It was hard to choose, because I started looking at photos of the blog looks and damn!!! Only dress! Haha! I selected only 12:0 pm totally different styles for you to realize that with only 1 piece you can be the woman you want. Simply choose the style that suits you, see:

It is with great love that we disclose to you, the 2014 collection from one of our favorite brands of wedding dress: Bridal Berta. Get ready, because you’ll want to marry all models soon followed. The collection has exceeded all expectations and, in every picture of this beautiful editorial photographed in Northern Italy, we can see the elegant and sensual style that makes the Berta Bridal one of the darlings of the most discerning brides.

Infinilk silk purple Floral Mini Dress

Infinilk silk purple Floral Mini Dress

Yesterday happened the Golden Globes 2014, one of the most important and awaited awards of the year and of course I couldn’t help but post here the looks of the famous. Watched the awards and I loved the presentation of the actresses Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, they are awesome Silk Dresses.

Was pretty fun to watch. I was giving two cents in, who never looks right?Kate Beckinsale rocked! My favorite of the night, loved the glitter, the trim! Hot Hot Hot! Maria already dared in a long pink with cutouts and transparency. Sandra Bullock was cute, but I found some “fanciful”.

Lupita gambled on the cover that comes with everything to 2014. Wednesday was the People’s Choice Awards 2014 at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles. There were over 700 million votes received in the award of film actors, TV, series, movies and music artists. The look that really surprised me was Britney Spears, who follows the Nicole Bahls on instagram has probably noticed that she’s appearing with some gorgeous Gray Bridesmaid Dress every Sunday of Panic! The pieces are of Velluc, londrina brand party dresses and bride.

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Where Are The 2014 Fashion Party Dresses?

Banquet: to be one of the most expensive aspects of a wedding, there are several points to consider when saving, for example: reduce the number of guests, save on foods and beverages without sacrificing quality by cheaper menus, save with wedding cake serving cupcakes instead this is all a trend already. This wedding season is marked by two or three predominant trends that undoubtedly have marked the way to every couple must go if you are organizing your wedding. One of them is the vintage style in Fashion Party Dresses, especially for the romantic passionate for the retro details. Let’s see, what to be this 2014 wedding season.

Traditional: in the years between the 20 and 60, with some modern touches but without neglecting the romanticism and the typical femininity of these designs. Tops with straps and skirts in A pleated ruffles framing each party dress, belt and details with feathers, flowers and fruits. Ideal for this type of dresses genre: the silk organza.

Sophisticated: ideal for women with curves marked since these designs are created to highlight them, with twists of fabric in its lower part to give movement to the dress and an exquisite touch to these highly feminine sexy silk dresses retro. For them nothing better than chiffon.

Romanticism more modernity: the great designers have created unique pieces this year in a perfect combination of retro with the contemporary, highlighting the glamour of the last century but still adapt perfectly to the modernity of the 21st century. The most prominent are those romantic designs showing some beautiful bare backs ending in a romantic bond.

black Infinilk Floral Knee Length silk Dress

black Infinilk Floral Knee Length silk Dress

Accessories: indispensable long veils and tiaras, these are the stars of the season. Although there have been antique earrings and even Homecoming Dress Stores and shoes that could well have used our grandmothers. Relationships come to a point where the commitment becomes even greater and decided to go one step further, to the marriage. Here both enjoy the wonder of the moment organizing the party that will be part of their lives forever. It is of utmost importance in this case, especially for women, to feel beautiful and unique. Why photographs are the remembrance most precious that they can conserve and you feel well in them is the key to remember it with a smile.

To make this possible, it is necessary to take into account some keys such as:

-It is recommended that work a professional photography since it will be the only one capable of capturing images that you want in the way that you want it with their knowledge.


Where Are The 2014 Cocktail Dressess Online

Advantages: as I said previously the use of extensions will give you more volume to your collected and added the necessary inches to make it actually look like you’ve dreamed of it. Moreover it will be given opportunity to wear a hair as never before have had, especially if you like curls, what better than the extensions so that your collected fall a rich cascade of curls, without them surely not you can achieve it or will simply be very scarce.

Disadvantages: the main of all of them, especially in times of crisis and with so many expenses involving a wedding, is that they are quite expensive; they require a care is very important to keep them beautiful and you have to put them on a site of experts and these tend to be expensive also. You must think that after the wedding the extensions will be there, and if going after a wedding trip to beach it is likely that these will end up becoming a discomfort that you have spent a large sum of euros.

Think about it, and decide only if on the scale they have more weight the advantages. In few opportunities we take a little of the unique characters of a wedding to talk about other no less important people: the guests. What if you’re invited to a wedding, that we can guess what will be your first question? There is no doubt that the first thing we say women before an invitation is similar: what to wear Cocktail Dressess Online? Well, here are we to help resolve this issue.

Initially, it is essential to know two things:

1 hour of the wedding

2. type of ceremony that will take place, this is: on the beach, outdoors, in a room, etc.

Once we know this we can choose Silk Dresses Online between the following suggestions:

-Wedding in the morning: in this case we can wear dresses shorter and colorful; Although the favorite of designers and directors of weddings are cake, such as a light pink or a beige colors almost ivory. They are ideal for this type of apparel accessories: shoes in color nude and give the note of color in the bag or simply choose all the accessories in black, this never fails.


-Noon wedding: ideal for women’s classic and simple tastes, a dress of straight lines in green Mint that is a favorite of this spring. Attachments must be in beige tones and well you can give the touch of color in Celebrity Dresses.

The 2014 new ladies wedding guest dresses

We have just learned, in addition to shared previously on the wedding show by the singer of Green Day, is that Priscilla Chan used a designer ladies wedding guest dresses for that special moment. Dress bore the name of Sky Between and is designed for 2 years.

This designer has its exclusive fashion house in Los Angeles, California. And dress though I belong to a reputable firm is one of the listed permanent designs, this means that you sold from the same day that was designed without any exclusivity.

With this gesture, Priscilla has proven that, despite marrying a billionaire, their actions reveal a striking humility. This model costs less than 10 thousand dollars, to what the couple is nothing, and even of designs that can be purchased through the web. It is designed in satin with a layer of floral lace lining throughout the garment.

The romantic and charming A-line strapless sweetheart neck white satin and tulle floor-length chapel train wedding dress

The romantic and charming A-line strapless sweetheart neck white satin and tulle floor-length chapel train wedding dress

In the part of the chest and back, being discovered, you can see the wonderful work of romantic forms that has the lace. Another detail of simplicity was the choice of the veil, whose only point to highlight was the beautiful embroidery of flowers covering it completely. To give you more details of the secret organization of the wedding, the designer told the press have not never known that Priscilla Chan bought her dress, which believes that the young woman gave another name to do so. We are in the season of weddings, weddings best are those that are organized during this time of the year, not in vain is so called because of the large number of ceremonies of marriage during the spring and summer. Not only because the climate is favorable, but because there are an infinite amount of decoration options, perfect beach wedding dress and details of weddings that can be chosen. All this is very colorful and cheerful, which provide the perfect atmosphere for an event of this nature.

In terms of the trends of this year for weddings, one of the most striking is undoubtedly the multicolored brides bouquet. The bridal bouquets are the most important complement the bride will look that day, so it is not one minor detail or RID randomly should be left. His election deserves a little time and see the hundreds of proposals that are on the market.

Traditionally in the past bouquets were white, butter or with flowers in pastel shades; This is no longer something to be fulfilled to the letter long ago. As well as the choice of flowers, aside from the most classic to use Cheap Cocktail Dressess that you like no matter if ever you saw them or not in a bunch of girlfriends.

How are the 2014 trumpet wedding dresses with lace?

Secular ceremonies have many advantages as it allows the couple to design your wedding to your own taste and style, rather than Evening Dresses Online can officiate a friend or family member to say a few words to the occasion chords or tell some anecdotes about the history of love partner . Grooms can also say personal vows with greater freedom and less.

The ideal place for a secular wedding

Such weddings are especially recommended to be held outdoors, beaches , farms , gardens or terraces. For the event to be the best way grooms with their families and friends to participate in the ceremony script previously organized everything happen for this to be a unique and unforgettable occasion. The decor may well be quite similar to a religious wedding or can hold more informal elements , it will depend on the choice of pareja.Todo event must have a precise roadmap , this is called among connoisseurs : the timing, and used to sequence the entire organizational activities to do before, during and after the event and leave it occurs without a hitch. The timing is adjusted to suit each event, in the case of wedding dresses 2014 cheap is especially needed their making and enforcement.

Timing of the Bride

The fabulous and elegant A-line one shoulder white taffeta floor-length chapel train wedding dress

The fabulous and elegant A-line one shoulder white taffeta floor-length chapel train wedding dress

This is the first and main timing to be made ​​up, must appear in the schedule from the hair, makeup and dress up photos prior to arrival at the ceremony site . And each of these activities must be performed as set forth therein for everything flow the right way and smoothly .

Timing of the guests and organizers

The team organization must have its own timing to guide from assembly to disassembly of the banquet hall , also including All-time service. Another important timing is to the guests where it will appear from the time you start the party and its arrival at the same time of the reception, entrance to the main hall , time dancing and food and finally the time for all ceremonies organized within the celebration , such as the toast, the words of the laws, etc.La organizing a wedding is often quite complex and must take into account many details. So why not make it fun ? To do this, we now give some ideas so you can hold a very original link where all the guests have a great time and joy invade the happiest day of your trumpet wedding dresses with lace.

Where are the evening dresses online shopping?

For this reason, the lighter shades will be your main allies , which can be supplemented with vanilla or golden tones in the lacrimal and below the eyebrows to give a good light to look. Also, in shades of pink blusher you give a healthy look to your face and lip glosses in pastel shades can not miss evening dresses online shopping in the set -up of a bride .

Furthermore , we also recommend you choose a foundation for long-term you’re perfect for the entire ceremony , plus product waterproof , ie , water resistant , and it is normal that you escape a tear during the ceremony and so get that, much to cry , makeup not move and you can be beautiful all día. Seguro when you were little dreamed of being a princess and living in a castle with your prince . Well, even when we reach adulthood things are not as nice as expected Ball Gowns Online, yes it is possible you can at least enjoy the wedding of your dreams in a big castle dressed as a princess and next to the person who you want. Not bad, right?

That is why today we talk of weddings that take place in wonderful castles , as are many couples who are embracing this train where fantasy and fairy tales breathe in the atmosphere.

In fact, today there are many companies responsible for organziación weddings and events featuring castles in many different cities and towns of all sizes and shapes and you can imagine.

The charming and romantic A-line strapless scoop neck white organza floor-length chapel train wedding dress

The charming and romantic A-line strapless scoop neck white organza floor-length chapel train wedding dress

However, the only problem of choosing one of these places as a location for your wedding is that sometimes there is no castle in the area where you live so you like most of those attending the wedding, so that for celebrate your link to a great castle, you’d have no choice but to organize it so your guests could visit the scene in question, which is not always feasible due to the large economic costs because not everyone has the necessary availability travel to another city.

But, if you have any problem in transferring short white wedding dress, you go ahead and live your own fairy tale celebrating your wedding in a stunning castle. We have often talked about the changes that have succeeding over time on weddings and especially about the traditions and customs . Today it is more common than we think that a couple decide to celebrate their wedding with several conventional elements such as delivery rings, personal vows and the typical dress of a wedding but without implying any religious element .

Have you Tried the stunning evening dresses?

Although not always held, speeches at weddings are very useful to thank the guests attending the fact the link to show how happy you are to have been able to enjoy his presence for such a special day like this. But who should pronounce these words? , At what point will they say? , What should it contain? Here are the answers to all these questions!


First, note that the beach bridesmaids dresses form part of this discourse often borne by the sponsors, who are followed by the couple. However, you can also take out some of the bridesmaids at the ceremony, as well as a good friend of the couple


Secondly, it is also important to know that usual, is that discourse takes place at the time of desserts or coffees, although each couple should be aware of what is the right time, and you should never force the issue.


Another important aspect are the words spoken at the moment, which should be simple. As for the sponsors, it is best that they say some nice quotes about boyfriends or have an interesting and amusing anecdote, but always fleeing vulgar or racy comments that may bother those present. Meanwhile, newlyweds can take advantage of this beautiful moment to thank all of your guests that were present on such an important day. Whatever you say, always bet simplicity and good taste! Choosing the perfect dress for a wedding is not an easy task, but sometimes choosing the perfect shoes that you feel comfortable and at the same time, combined with the wedding dress, you can also become an arduous task.


In this sense, one of the aspects that you should take more account when you start recorrerte shoe stores in your city looking for the perfect shoes, is comfort. Think also that your wedding day will be very special and you should enjoy to the fullest, you will spend long hours standing, walking and dancing, so it is vital that a shoe not you prevent conduct all these actions. So, above all, for its comfort.


On the other hand, it is also important that you consider the season in which the wedding will take place , as it is not the same as choosing stunning evening dresses winter summer . In this sense, for the warmer months the space as a suitable material is recommended, while the front is reserved for the coldest days. Also, the skin and the sheet can be used interchangeably.


Do you like the 2014 summer bridesmaid dresses for the beach

No talk of holding a link where wedding dresses bridesmaid dresses of characters from the world of cinema, but arriving in a limousine to the place and enjoy the casinos, leisure and variety of activities that can be performed in this city film.




Good corner Jamaican atmosphere pervades this place, which resorts offer many possibilities from getting married on the beach to get married on a boat.




This exotic country has a park known as the Elephant Safari Park to the bride and groom arriving by helicopter to celebrate with these wonderful summer bridesmaid dresses for the beach, a wedding where the Indonesian tradition fuses with great detail that will make your wedding in a event as idyllic .


The elegant and dignity one shoulder white chifon floor-length column wedding dress

The elegant and dignity one shoulder white chifon floor-length column wedding dress



The pristine beaches and good atmosphere we breathe in Hawaii are the main attractions of this beautiful place, chosen by many lovers to celebrate their love .


Riviera Maya


This majestic enclave located in the Caribbean Sea offers visitors a world of luxury with huge resorts where you can celebrate links with dreamy views of the most beautiful beaches in the world . Are you getting married next year and do not know what kind of wedding dress will be part of the latest trends ? In that case, you’ll be pleased to know that evening cocktail dresses has just introduced its latest New York suits, particularly those created by the great designers Elie Saab and Manuel Mota , who work regularly with this popular signature dresses.


Thus, the costumes star in ceremonies next year 2013 arrive laden lace, high volume , rhinestones and a romance rife femininity for brides who seem genuine fairytale princesses .


However , note that both Elie Saab and Manuel Mota have shown their own designs , each with a few details that make them exquisite costumes . Do you choice? The one that best suits your tastes and what you’re looking for.



How is the white beach wedding dress?

To do this, the companies responsible for making this move work to where the ceremony was held in order to collect all kinds of data on which to prepare this story, as well as interviewing newlyweds and able to express a full history feelings in story form , an exquisite way to give to a couple who marry or just to preserve one of the most beautiful and cherished dresses for homecoming of life with a great gift for newlyweds.


Not sure what to get the couple who both want or you want to celebrate the wedding of a friend in a special way ? In that case, if you want to surprise future husband with a sweet and romantic gift sure that the option to present them with a tale wedding love both. Weddings are often the most fun events for adults, as they have the opportunity to gather with family and friends, enjoy great feasting and eating exotic and delicious cocktails.


But , what about the kids in the house ? Maybe they do not have as much fun as the largest in this kind of holiday .


Therefore, if your link will go boys and girls, you should also have them in mind and include some details that allow maximum enjoyment of this beautiful Gray Bridesmaid Dresses Cheap.


First, it is important that you are clear how many children will attend the ceremony to group them by age in the tables.


Secondly, once you have located all small have to think about the items you’re going to include to make them fun and entertaining evening. To do this, you can place centerpieces full of goodies. True, they are not particularly healthy ,but one day is a day is a very special event!


Another aspect to consider is that it is very important that children can have space to get up and move around without disturbing others . To achieve this, a good idea is you to locate your table at the side of the enclosure so they can run around without disturbing the rest of the present treat.


Also, tablecloths also tend to like to draw all children because, while waiting the food coloring will entertain all types of drawings. To put this kind of table linen , talk to the staff of the restaurant to see if it is possible that these white beach wedding dress have special coloring sheets of paper .


Finally, make sure the place where you celebrate your link has a park or other attraction where kids can play and have fun . When a couple decides to marry , one of the first attempts to clear doubts is whether to organize the wedding of day or night .

The 2014 sleeved wedding gowns

The bride and groom never occur together in the wedding, but before he arrives accompanied by her godmother, while the bride up the place a little later and arm the best man . But most important is that the groom should never wait outside the bride , but on the altar , located inside the church.


Order of entry


When the bride arrives at the church, this will enter the Temple Godfather arm while playing the wedding march , and behind them , will access the pages and bridesmaids tried not to step on the mother of bride dresses 2014 of the bride is not to cause fall or some kind of unwanted surprise arises.


At the altar


Once the groom and groomsmen have come into the church , they should be placed from left to right and looking towards the altar , as follows : godmother, bride, groom and best man.


While this varies depending on where we are, the ring is usually placed on the right ring finger and groom is always the first to introduce it into the bride’s finger .


the output


Once the ceremony is over, the newlyweds will leave the religious temple arm in arm , and behind them , the sponsors , the pages and bridesmaids . A wedding is a special moment in the life of any person who may not have anything better to immortalize in the form ofdresses for beach weddings, videos, or , why not, also tales time.


And today it is possible to find companies whose work focuses on creating stories and illustrations to accompany translate them into a book as a story in order to save this beautiful experience for many years.


For this reason, today we propose that whether you want to save a beautiful memory of your marital bond as if what you want is to make sleeved wedding gowns to a couple who will marry, you will be encouraged to create a fairy wedding.